Member Benefits

Cambodia-Japan Association for Business and Investment (CJBI) is a platform to liaise Cambodian and Japanese enterprises. They are carefully selected to become members of the association and they can enhance management capacity and expand business opportunities through various services which CJBI provides. Enterprises or companies engaging in the Cambodian and Japanese related business are also welcomed. 

Why joining CJBI? 

CJBI members will enjoy the following benefits

Business Matching and Networking Opportunities: 

  • To participate in the business matching events, business forums, and CJBI member gathering
  • To get introduced to the potential Japanese and Cambodian partners
  • To raise company profile among members and beyond

Learning Opportunities:

  • To enhance management capacity among members through training and business study tour
  • To develop business management capacities through mentoring service
  • To learn new experiences from well-known speakers and successful entrepreneurs
  • To learn Cambodian and Japanese business reality and best practices, and gain opportunities to develop a future partnership
  • To get discount or free of charge participation when attending CJCC training courses (excluding Entrepreneurship (EN) course)

Business Related Information:

  • Opportunities to get business related information on Cambodia and Japan from other members and CJBI Secretariat

Social Contribution

  • Internship and volunteering activities such as student internship to member companies
  • Opportunities to participate in the social event such as ‘’Phnom Penh Clean City Challenge’’